78 Tax Tips For Canadians For Dummies by Christie Henderson, Brian Quinlan, Suzanne Schultz

By Christie Henderson, Brian Quinlan, Suzanne Schultz

Compiled through knowledgeable workforce of accountants, 78 Tax counsel For Canadians For Dummies deals functional tax making plans ideas. those person counsel supply common suggestion and perception that may shop readers aggravation and cash.

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Past year’s returns must be paper-filed. #7: Figure Out How to File Your Return 37 Paper Filing: The OldFashioned Way Although we’re living in the techno age, we realize that not everyone embraces the computer. If you want to paper file your return you have two preparation options: ✓ You can go totally old school and fill out your tax forms by hand — you can ask the CRA to send you the forms, print them from the CRA Web site, or pick up a copy at your local post office or CRA office. ✓ You can go for a hybrid approach, preparing the return using your computer but then printing off a copy to mail.

Shopping for tax software It’s surprising to see how many software programs are available to prepare Canadian tax returns. If your return is simple and you don’t print off a copy to mail in to the CRA, pretty much any program will do the trick. That being said, some programs don’t prepare Quebec returns, so watch out for that. If your return is complicated and you’re looking for guidance, it’s worth it to pay a few extra bucks for the more sophisticated programs. Assuming you want to NETFILE your return, here are some CRA-certified options: ✓ GenuTax: Downloadable multiyear software — you don’t pay for annual updates!

The provinces/territories also offer two-tier tax credit amounts. Review the Amount of Charitable Donations You Should Claim The total of the donations being claimed in a year is reported on schedule 9 of your tax return and the federal tax savings is calculated on schedule 1 of your return. The provincial/territorial credit is calculated on the respective provincial/territorial forms. Limit of donations you can claim Generally, you can claim charitable donations up to the limit of 75 percent of your net income reported on line 236.

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