A Guide to SPSS/PC+ by Neil Frude (auth.)

By Neil Frude (auth.)

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The user needs to decide whether questions are to be open-ended or closed, and any closed questions demand careful consideration regarding the range of alternatives to be provided. e. only one of them can apply in any one case). e. one or other of them must apply to each case). ': Married I Divorced I Previously married I Widowed This question does not provide mutually exclusive alternatives because a divorced person could validly tick both 'divorced' and 'previously married'. Also, for a general population, the alternative answers would not be mutually exhaustive, because no provision is made for a response from a single (= 'never married') person.

SPSSIPC+ and the Computer 39 You will (automatically) be in the root directory. If you have previously created a directory for yourself then you can enter your directory with a 'change directory' (cd\) command, followed by the appropriate directory name. After typing any instruction into the computer you should press the key (also referred to as the 'Enter' key; this key may be indicated on the keyboard with a bent arrow). This enters the instruction into the system. Thus: C>cd\johndoe If you have NOT previously created a directory for yourself you can create one with a 'make directory' (md\) command, followed by the name you wish to give to your directory.

A line should be used to separate the two 'fields' (the respondent field and the coder field) and the coder field should be headed with a message such as 'PLEASE LEAVE BLANK'. The Gender Attitudes Questionnaire (Appendix C) provides an example of how a questionnaire may be prepared to facilitate easy on-form coding. Such aids to coding, however, can be included only after the codebook has been compiled. Preparing a codebook When the questionnaire itself has been prepared in its final draft, it needs to be examined carefully and a codebook prepared.

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