A Textbook of Regional Anatomy by J. Joseph MD, DSc, FRCOG (auth.)

By J. Joseph MD, DSc, FRCOG (auth.)

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The most functionality of language is to express that means. The query of why language is dependent how it is, Heine the following argues, has hence to be spoke back to begin with on the subject of this functionality. Linguistic reasons by way of different exponents of language constitution, e. g. of syntax, are inclined to spotlight peripheral or epi-phenomenal instead of critical features of language constitution.

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It is said that this deep plexus does not function unless the subareolar plexus is blocked. Other possible lymphatic connections from the breast are {1) with the opposite breast and axilla, (2) with nodes below the clavicle, {3) with nodes above the clavicle, (4) with the peritoneum lining the abdominal cavity through the rectus sheath, {5) with the pleura lining the thoracic wall. The muscles on the outside of the chest wall These muscles should be regarded as either upper limb muscles or muscles of the anterior abdominal wall.

The muscular part is peripheral and the tendinous part central. The muscle is attached to the xiphoid process (sternal part), to the inside of the lower costal cartilages and ribs by digitations (costal part) and to the vertebral column (vertebral part). The vertebral part requires a fuller description. On either side of the midline the right and left crura are attached to the bodies of the lumbar vertebrae (crus= leg or elongated structure like a leg, Latin), the right crus to the upper three and the left to the upper two (figure 17).

Clinically, a knowledge of the segmental innervation of the skin enables one to determine the level of an injury to the spinal cord. In addition, a lesion (impairment of function) of a spinal nerve manifests itself as a motor and/or sensory disturbance along its distribution. However, it was emphasised many years ago (Sir H. Head, I86I-1940, British neurologist) that no area of the skin of the trunk is supplied by only one spinal nerve. There is an overlap in the distribution of the spinal nerves to the skin.

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