Absolute Beginner's Guide to Cable Internet Connections by Mark Edward Soper

By Mark Edward Soper

At lengthy final, there's a larger strategy to the painfully sluggish dial-up modem connection that has been your tether to the net. Cable web connections that when have been pricey luxuries of residing in significant towns became average. Cable web connections promise to alter how you use the Internet...not to say altering the net itself. now not will you need to spend hours downloading documents or electronic mail, tie up your mobilephone line at any time when you must money a inventory quote or grit your the teeth whereas gazing the most recent motion picture trailer trickle in a body or at a time in your modem connection.

There is a gloomy facet, notwithstanding. except you are taking the right kind precautions, cable net connections open your laptop to web thugs who would favor not anything greater than to make off along with your bank card numbers and private documents. worry not...we enable you rebuke hackers after they come calling.

We additionally convey you what the cable corporation will not exhibit you - easy methods to sizzling- rod your connection so you might squeeze extra functionality out of your broadband web provider. We additionally assist you to proportion a unmarried connection among a number of desktops through your place community and the way to get your mail - even if you are at the street clear of your cable connection. And in case you are the get-your-hands-dirty variety, we allow you to skip lengthy ready lists for pro install of your carrier and do it yourself.

We additionally express you to to maximise the rate afforded to you through your cable connection while taking part in on-line video games, talking to your pals and coworkers and utilizing video conferencing.

Absolute Beginner's advisor to Cable net Connections is your vital significant other to the courageous new international of domestic broadband.

  • A while hackers are busting via your measly defenses and making off along with your charge cards, you do not have time for lifeless tech help traces or for browsing to websites explaining domestic web defense - you wish solutions - and doubtless an Advil or - now!
  • A Your new connection is blindingly quickly. you have got advised your dialup ISP to take a hike. Then, it happens to you - how do I proportion my cable reference to different desktops in the home? We exhibit you simply the right way to do it!
  • A Are you a do-it-yourselfer who does not belief that the cable installer will be aware of a NIC from a hair dryer? Your issues should be well-founded. Cable web has exploded at the purchaser industry and lots of companies recognize only a smidgen greater than you do approximately fitting cable net. that's, they did understand extra. Now that you've this ebook by way of your part, you could study simply the best way to set up your personal and configure home windows to maximise your new cable connection.
  • A even supposing your new connection is quicker than whatever you will have visible, it may be quicker. We provide help to squeeze every-last-lovin' drop of functionality from your cable connection. "Fasten your seatbelts.
  • Have an iMac, G3, or G4? we have not forgotten approximately you. We assist you notice the place to discover Mac-specific media avid gamers, web sharing courses, and different assets to help you supercharge and troubleshoot your MacOS-flavored Cable net connection.

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However, whether you have a two-way or one-way system, especially if you use File and Print Sharing (to allow other users at home or the office to share your drives or printers), you have a potential security risk. 04 705601 CH02 11/30/01 2:42 PM Page 25 CHAPTER 2 WHAT IS A CABLE MODEM? 4 Caching servers Fiber-optic cable (bottom) allow multiple users to view the same page and reduce Data transfer to and from each computer on the network traffic o and from the Internet by fetching a Web Computers making request for the same Web page Page request Page download ISP page just once.

Office XP, on the other hand, is an application suite, a group of application programs which work together to create and modify information. When you work with your computer’s desktop icons or print a document, you are using the operating system. When you create a document or make a budget, you are using application software. If you find that your computer needs a newer version of Windows or MacOS, more RAM memory or a faster processor, or a new card to connect a cable modem, you can upgrade your computer to make it capable of handling cable Internet service.

2 Recommended Hardware for Windows-Based Systems RoadRunner Processor @Home Pentium-class 166 MHz or faster 1 Pentium-class 200MHz or faster Memory (RAM) 64MB or more 64MB or more1 Free Hard Drive Space 50MB 56MB Other Hardware CD-ROM drive2; 800×600 (SVGA) or higher graphics with 16-bit color or higher; sound card with speakers CD-ROM drive2; 800×600 (SVGA) or higher graphics with 16-bit color or higher; sound card with speakers 1 Systems with a built-in video adapter borrow up to 11MB of your system RAM for video, reducing the amount of RAM available to your operating system.

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