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Disregarding the hat-shaped geometry [32], where the punch and hole diameter are the same size, there exists in the literature few examinations where the punch diameter is lower than the hole diameter; most investigations are carried out on specimens where the punch diameter is larger than the hole diameter. This configuration leads to an additional compressive load, as a hydrostatic pressure. 10). The specimens were loaded in a compression Hopkinson bar and were variously stopped to investigate the shear evolution.

The failure begins at the groove with unknown local stress distributions. At large deformations, a pure shear deformation cannot be ensured. Because of the uncertainties of stress state in the groove and the inhomogeneous shear strain distribution, the double-notched shear test is not widely used. Single-Edge and Double-Edge Specimen Special specimen geometries are the single-edge and double-edge notch specimen. Both geometries can be designed only with a slit or an additional fatigue crack. The loading of the specimen, typically with a projectile impact, produces around the cracks a shear loading similar to mode II in fracture mechanics.

Punch with force measurement Punch D ... Anvil E ... Specimen C F E Specimen F ... Stopping devices F A D G ... 17 Drop-weight tower assembly with loading principle, according to Meyer and Kru¨ger [56]. 18 Principle of SHPB, according to Kolsky [57]. 17) is frequently used to investigate the materials concerning their adiabatic shear propensity. This test principle is described by Meyer and Kru¨ger [56]. With the drop-weight tower, there will be enough energy (because of the falling weight of 600 kg or more) to test highstrength materials or specimens with large dimensions under impact conditions up to a loading velocity of 3 m/s.

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