Advances in Electronic and Electrochemical Ceramics, Volume

This complaints comprises papers awarded on the Electronics in severe Environments, overseas gasoline Cells and similar structures, and complex Dielectrics for instant Communications symposia.

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As the temperature is increased above 300°C, the capacitance increases at low frequencies while above 10 kHz, no temperature effects are observed to 400°C. When capacitors are heated in ambient air, the capacitance at low frequency begins to increase around 200°C but still remains constant at high frequencies. The dissipation factor is more temperature dependent. Under vacuum, significant increases begin above 200°C while in air increases are observed around 150°C. The difference between film performance in vacuum and in ambient air may be related to the atmospheric boundary layer present on the surface.

The ideal damping materials would be relatively independent of temperature, have a high stiffness and tan 8, and the materials need to be immune to harsh environments. Three classes of materials that do meet these demands are the active/smart materials, namely magnetostrictive, piezoelectric, and shaped memory alloys (SMAs). These materials offer enhanced material dispersion, relatively high stiffness and the ability to tune and optimize the performance over the desired environmental window. 2"5 Modulus w Ceramics Material Dispersion ^ ViscoElastics r Metals Composite s Super Plastics Smart Materials \ Figure 1.

DC power was varied from 500 - 2000 W with pulse frequencies from 25 - 250 kHz. 999% pure aluminum sputter targets. Gas pressures ranged from 3 mTorr to 20 mTorr. Deposition conditions strongly influence the crystallinity of the films12, but optical and secondary electron microscopy observation confirmed our films were amorphous under all deposition conditions examined. The target-to-substrate spacing was adjusted to influence substrate heating and film uniformity with an optimal distance of 5 inches used for the majority of the runs.

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