An Approach to Chemical Analysis: Its Development and by H. N. Wilson

By H. N. Wilson

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NO. ONH 4 ( 7) introduced a little later rapidly became important. The precipitates are insoluble inner complexes in which the ammonium radical is replaced by a metal ion and there is also a covalent link to the nitroso group C 6H 5—Ν—Ο N=cr It owes its name to the fact that it was proposed as a precipitant for copper in weakly acid solution as well as iron. However, it precipitates many other metals, and is now used to separate iron, titanium, tin, zirconium, quadrivalent uranium and occasionally tantalum from other elements, by adding a fresh aqueous solution of the reagent to a cold 3 M or 4 M sulphuric acid solution.

ILINSKY, M . and VON KNORRE, G . , 1 8 , 699 (1885). FALES, Η. , Inorganic Quantitative Analysis, Bell, London, 1928. , Z. anorgan. , 4 6 , 144 (1905). BRUNCK, Ο . , Z. Angew. > 2 0 , 834 (1907). GAHLER, A . R . , MITCHELL, A . M . and MELLON, M . C , Anal. s 2 3 , 500 (1951). 7. , Chem. , 3 3 , 1298 (1909). —You wouldn't if you knew what it's made of ". Our Mutual Friend : CHARLES DICKENS THE previous chapters have dealt chiefly with inorganic analysis, the present chapter will deal with the development of organic analysis to about 1925.

Because the particles are small they will adsorb other substances from solution, and it is arguable in each case whether the forces that cause the adsorption are " physical " or " chemical ". Usually such particles are very insoluble; it is because of their insolubility that myriads of them are produced on the first addition of the reagent, and that they do not tend to " grow " as most crystals do. Let us consider two cases, silver chloride and aluminium hydroxide. When dilute silver nitrate solution is added to a dilute, slightly THE I M P A C T OF P H Y S I C A L C H E M I S T R Y 25 acid solution of a chloride, the primary precipitate is seen as a turbidity which grows denser as the reagent is added but does not flocculate until nearly all the chloride has been precipitated.

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