ANSYS Command Reference

Welcome to the ANSYS instructions Reference. This guide encompasses a entire dictionary of detarled ANSYS command descriptions, prepared in alphabetical order for ease of entry. it's the definitive reference for proper command utilization, offering accomplished requirements for each argument of each ANSYS command.

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ALPFILL Fills in an area loop within an existing 2-D area (for models imported from CAD files). ARCOLLAPSE Collapses specified area to a specified line segment (for models imported from CAD files). ARDETACH Detaches areas from neighboring geometrical entities (for models imported from CAD files). ARFILL Creates an area based on a set of singly-connected lines (for models imported from CAD files). ARMERGE Merges two or more singly-connected adjacent areas (for models imported from CAD files). ARSPLIT Splits an area between two keypoints (for models imported from CAD files).

FLDATA20A Specifies the amount of fill -in when preconditioning the coefficient matrix. FLDATA20B Specifies the number of fill-ins for the ILU preconditioner. FLDATA21 Specifies the convergence monitor. FLDATA22 Specifies the maximum number of semi-direct iterations. FLDATA23 Specifies the solver minimum normalized rate of change. FLOTRAN Turbulence These PREP7 commands are used to control the turbulence setting for a FLOTRAN CFD analysis. FLDATA24 Sets the turbulence model and the constants used in the Standard k-Model and the file://D:\Documents%20and%20Settings\Administrator\Local%20Settings\Temp\~hh...

ELIST Lists the elements. EMID Adds or removes midside nodes. EMODIF Modifies a previously defined element. EMORE Adds more nodes to the just -defined element. EMTGEN Generates a set of TRANS126 elements EN Defines an element by its number and node connectivity. ENGEN Generates elements from an existing pattern. ENORM Reorients shell element normals. ENSYM Generates elements by symmetry reflection. EORIENT Reorients solid element normals. EPLOT Produces an element display. EREAD Reads elements from a file.

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