JavaScript Bible 6th edition by Goodman, Danny (2007) by Danny Goodman, Michael Morrison,

By Danny Goodman, Michael Morrison,

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The publication is going into hugely particular element approximately issues given brief shrift in different books. for instance, Petroutsos is going past exhibiting you the way to populate an array; he additionally indicates the best way to store the array to a disk dossier. within the printing bankruptcy, he does not simply convey the best way to print a couple of traces of textual content; he indicates the best way to print a textual content dossier (including the common sense to wreck lengthy lines), and the way to print tabular info and bitmaps.

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Computational Physics is designed to supply direct event within the laptop modeling of actual structures. Its scope contains the basic numerical suggestions had to "do physics" on a working laptop or computer. each one of those is built heuristically within the textual content, due to basic mathematical illustrations.

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Therefore, the script needs a trigger — something to get it going when the time is right. That time, it turns out, is after the entire HTML document has loaded. As you learn in Chapter 8, the browser fires what is known as an event immediately upon completion of loading the page and whatever content it may contain. For example, an image in the page is downloaded separately from the HTML page, but the page’s onload event fires only after the HTML text and image(s) have arrived in the browser. To get the script to run after the page has loaded, the script includes one statement that instructs the browser to run a specific routine whenever the page receives that event.

Each new browser generation not only brings with it new and exciting features you are probably eager to employ in your pages, but also adds to the fragmentation of the audience visiting a publicly accessible page. With each new browser upgrade, fewer existing users are willing to download megabytes of browser merely to have the latest and greatest browser version. For many pioneers — and certainly for most nontechie users — there is a shrinking imperative to upgrade browsers unless the new browser comes via a new computer or operating system upgrade.

In most cases, JavaScript can work side by side with these other technologies, even though the hype around some make them sound like one-stop shopping places for all your interactive needs. That’s rarely the case. Finally, you learn about the origins of JavaScript and what role it plays in today’s advanced Web browsers. 3 IN THIS CHAPTER How JavaScript blends with other Web-authoring technologies The history of JavaScript What kinds of jobs you should and should not entrust to JavaScript Part I Getting Started with JavaScript Competing for Web Traffic Web-page publishers revel in logging as many visits to their sites as possible.

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